Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ok, What About . . .


How many ways will Josh McDaniels be allowed to humiliate and disintegrate the Denver Broncos?

Wasn't stupidly chasing away one of the best QBs and WRs in the league, the moronic trade of Peyton Hillis, the refusal to address the running game or the O line issues and the degradation that has been this season enough?

Now this?

Mr Bowlen, please, end the insanity.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Now . . .

. . . can we fire Josh McDaniels? Please? Pretty please?

McDaniels has been an embarrassment to the team since the day he got there.

The 59-14 humiliation at the hands of Al Davis' Raiders is an all new low point in the McDaniels era of futility.

How low do we have to sink before Pat Bowlen finally says, "enough"?

With McDaniels the Broncos are in perpetual rebuilding mode. And they always will be with him because his philosophy and methods are shiite.

Denver is the NFL's newest incarnation of muck-sucking bottom-dwellers.

Thanks, Josh. Thank you so much.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Is the Broncos' no existent running game due to the lousy O line or the backs themselves? Or is it a combination??

Throw that together with a pathetic defense and it's just freakin' beautiful.

Champ Bailey deserves better than this. He deserves to spend the twilight years of his career with a team that's worth a shiite.

So far, Josh McDaniel's plan is really coming together.

Or not.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

McDaniels: Belijerk Jr

Anyone remember Bill Bilijerk's stay in Cleveland? He had an excellent QB in Bernie Kosar, the guy who held the record for most consecutive passes without an INT at 311 pick free attempts, and totally screwed Kosar over every chance he got because they didn't like each other.

Belijerk would rather play any scrub schlub just to screw Kosar, than win games. He was a no class scumbag.

McDaniels is Belijerk's little boy and is just like his daddy.

Wha'ts McDaniels done for Denver so far? Sign a bunch of nobodies, neverbeens and second rate half-assed camp fodder, try to bring in a one year wonder to replace a real deal wonder kid and in the process first alienate then run off one of the top QB's in the league.

You're a self-centered scumbag jerkoff just like your daddy, Josh. I hope you go down in flames, you arrogant scrotum licking, puke sucking piece of crap.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Old and Broken Down

Denver's going to the scrapheap for it's current round of free agent signings. As a fan that has to put a little hitch in my step. If anything can top rummaging through Cleavland's rubbish pile it's got to be this.

They sign a 288 lb DT (Darrell Reid) -- 288 lbs? DT? Maybe in college. Yeah, this guy is gonna beef up the middle of our D line. Whateva.

They dump a great long snapper (Mike Leach) for McDaniels' personal dingding sucker from New England (Loin Paxton). And what kind of a name is "Loin"? anyway? Or is that just a nickname because he likes to touch himself?

They add a 36 year old Safety (Brian Dawkins) with a so-so health record.

One RB who's too tall and too light (Correll Buckhalter), one who's got prototypical height but needs to spend some time a Jenny Craig (LaMont Jordan), and another who's been strictly a situational guy (J.J. Arrington).

Of that group, I like Arrington the most. He made big steps forward last year both rushing and receiving and I think he's ready to be The Guy.

Safety Renaldo Hill may not be a bad signing. Three of his last four years have been his best in the NFL and he should have 2-4 solid years left in him.

WR Jabar Gaffney doesn't seem to shine in any aspect of his career to date, except that he's already familiar with McDaniels' system. He doesn't seem like a threat to any of Denver's top three on merit alone. Of course, being the HC's bitch does count for something and McDaniels' is making that clear from the start, so Gaffney seems to have a good chance of accumulating some serious playing time whether he deserves it or not.

LB Anra Davis seems like a good but unspectacular prospect for LB and at very least adds quality depth.

DT Ronald Fields has good size but is otherwise a ho-hum signing and tells me that McDaniels and Nolan are so married to the notion of running a 3-4 defense that they don't really give a damn about whether or not they have personnel who can make it work. "Hey, we have us a 315 lb DT. We're good to go." and who really cares if the guy has the motor and talent to make chew up the middle all on his own.

Looking at the signing of Andre Goodman all I can think is, "WTF?" This guy has underwhelmed his entire career, so he's gonna come in and add what now? He's got 5 INTs last year which is about what the whole Denver D had together last season, so maybe he'll surprise me.

QB Chris Simms? A great back up. Probably the best backup QB Denver has had since Gary Kubiak.

I know a lot of you are saying, "McDaniels is implimenting New England's free agent philosophy. Sit back and wait. He knows what he's doing."

And that would be comforting if he was the mastermind and architect behind New England's FA success. But he wasn't. He's playing Monkey See, Monkey Do, trying to mimic his daddy Bill Belijerk. That doesn't make him Bill Bilijerk, though.

Bilijerk (or maybe it was Pioli) once said they most important thing they consider when signing a guy is, "Is this guy a football player?", meaning, regardless of talent and physical gifts, does this guy have mind, mentality and motor that would make him an asset to our team.

I don't think you can look at most of the guys signed by Denver so far this off season and answer "yes" to that.